Past Events 2014-15

Courses & Seminars

  • During the academic year 2014-15, the seminar on Jaina Prakrit was taught by Eva De Clercq and Claire Maes.

  • The MA-course 'Non-Western Philosophy' was once more devoted to Indian Philosophy. Marie-Hélène Gorisse taught the course, highlighting theories of knowledge in Jainism, Buddhism, Nyâya-Vaisesika and Sâmkhya. 

  • UGhent Jaina studies members regularly participated in an informal Sanskrit Reading Group to present and read together Sanskrit texts related to their research projects. Amongst the materials read were Jaina texts like Gunaratna's Tarkarahasyadîpikâ and a text on the consecration of bhaṭṭārakas (Bhaṭṭāraka-dīkṣā-vidhi).


Research Papers

  • The 16th World Sanskrit Conference took place in Bangkok, from 28 June to 2 July 2015. Marie-Hélène Gorisse joined the Jaina Studies panel with a paper titled "Concealing meaning in inferential statements: The practice of patra in Jainism"; Sander Hens presented a paper called "Rāma’s valour and Kāma’s victory: eulogizing and criticizing the Cāhamāna’s in Sanskrit epic poetry".

  •  At the 5th World Congress and School on Universal Logic, Istanbul, 20-30 June 2015, Marie-Hélène Gorisse gave a "Tutorial on Jain Logic"

  • Several UGhent Jaina studies members participated in the Jain Graduate Conference 'Jain & The Other: Understanding Religious Identities', at Yale University, 1-2 May 2015. Tillo Detige presented "Others shaping self, self becoming other: opposition to the Digambara Bhaṭṭārakas"; Marie-Hélène Gorisse "Jain philosophers in the debating hall: when correct argumentation requires the use of hermeneutical devices"; & Tine Vekemans "Moving the Jina: Practices and Narratives of Jainism in New Global Environments"

  • Marie-Hélène Gorisse presented "Logic and the rational legitimization of religious claims in Jainism: The case-study of Guaratna's refutation of Hindu theses" at the 1st World Congress on Logic and Religion, João Pessoa, Brazil, 1-5 April 2015.

  • Two sessions on Jainism were taught during the MA-course ‘Culture in Perspective: South and East Asia’: 'The debating hall in Ancient India: Buddhist and Jain theories of argumentation', by Marie-Hélène Gorisse (11th February 2015) & 'Online Rituals & Glorified Gurus: Devotion in Jainism', by Tillo Detige and Tine Vekemans (3rd March 2015).

  • Tillo Detige presented "Ritual, Devotion & Liberation: The case of the Digambara Bhaṭṭārakas" Workshop on 'Dharma in Jainism', Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities, Manipal University, Karnataka, India, 2-3 February 2015 (conference flyerwebsite)

  • Marie-Hélène Gorisse presented "Jain hermeneutics: attempts at expressing the multiplicity inherent in reality" at the Workshop on The unconditioned and the language, Louvain-la-Neuve, 28-30 January 2015

  • Tine Vekemans presented a paper titled "Moving the Jina: Jain religious practice and ethics in new global environments" at the Conference on Migration, Religion, and Asia, Olomouc, Czech Republic,  27–29th November 2014.

  • Eva De Clercq delivered the annual Shri Roop Lal Jain Lecture at the University of Toronto (Department for the Study of Religion), lecturing on 'Jain Engagements with the Rāmāyaṇa', October 30, 2014.

  • From 13th to 17th October 2014, an 'Intensive Course on Indian Manuscriptology' was held at Ghent University which had ample attention for Jaina manuscripts. The course was taught by Mr. P.L. Shaji (ORIML, Trivandrum, and National Manuscript Mission, Delhi) and attracted about a dozen graduate students from home and abroad.

  • Three students of Jainism from Ghent University presented their research on Jainism at the 6th International Indological Graduate Research Symposium (IIGRS) at the Department of Indian and Tibetan Studies, Universität Hamburg, 6th-8th October 2014: Sander Hens ("Criticizing a popular hero: moral explanations for defeat in Nayacandra Suri’s Hammīramahakavya"), Lucas den Boer (University of Groningen, Erasmus exchange student at Ghent University: "Guṇaratna’s Refutation of the Cārvāka Perspective on Consciousness - An Analysis of Tarkarahasyadīpikā 49.109-119") and Tillo Detige ("Venerable Feet: Devotion and Commemoration in Digambara Jainism").

  • Tine Vekemans joined the "Anuvrat International Conference", held at New Delhi from 26–28th September 2014, and presented a paper on "Ecology as religious practice: Jainism and the environment in a changing global context".

  • Tine Vekemans & Sander Hens joined the International Summer School for Jain Studies (ISJS) – New Delhi and Jaipur, India, 31st May – 3rd July 2014.

  • Tine Vekemans joined the 7th Global Conference: Diasporas: Exploring Critical Issues, Oxford, UK (5-7th July 2014), presenting a paper titled "Transnational Connections and Religious Development in the Jain Diaspora through an Exploration of the e-Diaspora".