Past Events 2019-20

On 10 September, Sander Hens has brilliantly defended his dissertation: Shaking Hammīra: Playfulness and tragedy in a Sanskrit Historical Epic, congratulations!

PhD Sander

PhD Sander 2

Several scholars on Jain Studies from our SANGH team represented Ghent University at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religions in San Diego this year:

  •  Heleen De Jonckheere in the prestigious panel New directions in the study of South Asian Religions presented “Where mirrors are mirrored: Different versions of a Jain satirical narrative”.
  •  Eva De Clercq in the no less cutting-edge panel Padma Padma: New Studies in the Jain Rāma Tradition of the Jain Studies Unit presented “Did he kill his own brother? For a woman? In a disgraceful manner? Jain approaches to the death of Vālin”.
  •  And Marie-Hélène Gorisse in the Global-critical philosophy of religion Panel, dedicated to introduce the chapters of a long awaited Multi-entry teaching manual of philosophy of religions designed to take into account traditional and non-traditional religious traditions alike, presented “Proper acts, knowledge and categories in Jainism: Reshaping traditional distinctions”.