Tillo Detige


Tillo Detige is currently working on a PhD in the framework of the Research Project 'Early Modern Digambara Jainism in Western India: the age of the bhaṭṭārakas?'


Detige, Tillo (forthcoming) "Śrī guru kā jasa gāvatāṃ’: Venerable bhaṭṭārakas and the Early Modern Digambara Jaina saṅgha." [submitted book chapter, proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Early Modern Literatures in North India (ICEMLNI), University of Lausanne, July 2015; edited by Nadia Cattoni & Maya Burger]

Detige, Tillo (forthcoming) "The Veneration of Living Digambara Jaina Renouncers: Ritual as Epistemic Technology." [submitted journal article]

Detige, Tillo (forthcoming) "Stories, not just Stories. Jain and Buddhist Narratives as Epistemic Technology." [submitted book chapter]

Detige, Tillo (in preparation) "Nityaṃ praṇamanti, almost forgotten: Funerary monuments of early modern Digambara munis from Western India" [journal article]

Detige, Tillo (in preparation) ""Satpātrāya samarpittaṃ: Manuscript copies and the early modern Digambara saṅgha." [book chapter for an edited volume on patronage in Jainism, edited by Christine Chojnacki & Basile Leclère]

Detige, Tillo (in preparation) "Digambara History, c. 1100–1850" &"Digambara Pilgrimage Shrines in North and Central India." In: John Cort, Paul Dundas & Kristi Wiley (associate editors), Knut Jacobsen (editor-in-chief) "Encyclopedia of Jainism", Brill, Leiden.

Detige, Tillo (2017) "Manuscript Collections of the Western and Central Indian Bhaṭṭārakas", Jaina Studies: Newsletter of the Centre of Jaina Studies, no. 12 (March, 2017), p. 36-9. (online)

Detige, Tillo (2016) "Papers on Jainism at the ICEMLNI" [conference report], Jaina Studies: Newsletter of the Centre of Jaina Studies, no. 11 (March, 2016),  p.22-3. (online)

Detige, Tillo (2015) "The Bhaṭṭārakas of Kārañjā (Lāḍa): Triveṇī Saṅgama at Jaina Kāśī." In: Luitgard Soni & Jayandra Soni (ed.) "Sanmati, Essays Felicitating Professor Hampa Nagarajaiah on the occasion of his 80th Birthday", Sapna Book House, Bengaluru, p. 143-176.

De Clercq, Eva & Tillo Detige (2015). "Colossi and Lotus Feet: Paṇḍitas and Bhaṭṭārakas in the north Indian Digambara Legacy." In: Julia A. B. Hegewald. (ed.) “Jaina painting and manuscript culture: In memory of Paolo Pianarosa”, Studies in Asian Art and Culture (SAAC), Vol. 3, EB-Verlag, Berlin, p. 303-335.

Detige, Tillo (2015) "Dharma in Jainism: Workshop at Manipal University" [conference report], Jaina Studies: Newsletter of the Centre of Jaina Studies, no. 10 (February, 2015), p.19-20. (online)

Detige, Tillo (2014) "Worshipping Bhaṭṭārakas", Jaina Studies: Newsletter of the Centre of Jaina Studies, no. 9 (March, 2014), p.27-30. (online)

Detige, Tillo (2013). "Een haan van deeg en een hert van goud: verhalen over karma en hergeboorte uit jaïnisme en boeddhisme." In: Eva De Clercq & Saartje Verbeke (eds.) "India. Een wereld van verhalen", Academia Press, Gent p.117-143.

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Upcoming Lectures

“Commu(nica)ting Selves: Dancing Devotees & The Practice Theoretical Approach to the Jaina Traditions”, panel ‘Communicating Jainism: Media & Messages’ (convened by Tillo Detige, Tine Vekemans, & Heleen De Jonckheere), EASR conference (European Association for the Study of Religion), conference theme: 'Communicating Religion', KULeuven, 18th-21st September 2017.



"From Bhaṭṭārakas to Ritual Knowlege" , guest lecture in the course "Introduction to Jainism"/"Jainism. History, Doctrine and the Contemporary World", SOAS, London, 21st March 2017.

"Early Modern Digambara Jainism in Western & Central India: Bhaṭṭārakas & more", Belgian Indology Day, Ghent University, 10th March 2017. (conference program)

"Early Modern manuscript culture and literary circles of the Western Indian bhaṭṭāraka saṅghas." Conference "The constitution of a literary legacy and the tradition of patronage in Jainism," University of Lyon III, 15th-17th September 2016.

"Fanatics vs. Pacifists? Rethinking the fortunes of Digambara Jainism under Muslim rule." Permanent Training 'Religious Traditions of India', Ghent University, 12th April 2016. (abstract).

"Calling upon the (Un)responsive? Ritual veneration as Contemplative Praxis in Digambara Jainism", panel "Jain Contemplative Praxis: Meditation, Mantra, & Mindfulness", 13th DANAM conference (Dharma Academy of North America), conference theme "Contemplative Studies in Dharmic Religions", Atlanta, 20th-21st November 2015.

"Absence, Agency & Immanence: The Ritual Veneration of Deceased Ascetics as a Technology of the Self in Digambara Jainism", panel "Tomb and Mortuary Relic Worship in South Asia", convened by Mark McLaughlin and co-sponsored by the 'Religion in South Asia' section and the 'Space, Place, and Religion' group of the AAR, Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion (AAR), Atlanta, 21st-24th November 2015.

“Dynamics of Reform & Orientalist Discourse in Digambara Jainism”21st World Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions (IAHR), University of Erfurt, 23rd-29th August 2015 (panel abstracts).

“Ascetic Ideals & Guru-bhakti in the Bhaṭṭāraka lineages of Digambara Jainism", 12th International Conference on Early Modern Literatures in North India (ICEMLNI), University of Lausanne, 15th-19th July 2015. 

"Genealogies of Opposition, Archaeologies of Selves and Others: the Digambara Jaina Bhaṭṭārakas", 'Jains & The Other: Understanding Religious Identities', International Graduate Student Conference on Jain Studies, Yale University, 1st-2nd May 2015. (conference announcement)

"Ritual, Devotion & Liberation: The case of the Digambara Bhaṭṭārakas" Workshop on 'Dharma in Jainism', Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities, Manipal University, Karnataka, India, 2nd-3rd February 2015. (conference flyerwebsite)

"Venerable Feet: Devotion and Commemoration in Digambara Jainism", 6th International Indological Graduate Research Symposium (IIGRS), Department of Indian and Tibetan Studies, Universität Hamburg, 6th-8th November 2014.

"Religion as resource, resource as reflex: The ascetic ideal in Digambara Jainism", Workshop "Religion as Resource - Local and Global Discourses", Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, 18th-20th July 2014.

"Pluralities of knowledge and multiple ways of learning: The transmission of religious knowledge through Jaina and Buddhist narratives", Annual Conference of the European Association for the Study of Religions (EASR), Groningen, Netherlands: 'Religion and Pluralities of Knowledge' (11th-15th May 2014), panel 'Parables and Religious Knowledge', 11th May 2014.

"Worshipping the ideal ascetic, worshipping the ascetic ideal: devotion to asceticism in Digambara Jainism", 2nd Doctorandi colloquium of Babel (Belgian Association for the Study of Religions), Université catholique de Louvain (UCL), 26th March 2014.

"Singing the Praises of the Bhaṭṭārakas: Digambara Hagiographic Compositions from Rājasthān", 16th Jaina Studies Workshop: 'Jaina Hagiography and Biography', Centre of Jaina Studies, SOAS, 21st March 2014. (video)

"Taking stories seriously: Jaina narrative literature and re-modeling the study of Jainism (An essay)." 7th International Würzburg Colloquium “Perspectives of Indian Studies” – Exploring Jain Narrative Literature", University of Würzburg (30th Sep. -1st July), 31st September 2013.



"Op zoek naar tempels & tempelschatten".  [In Dutch] WoooW Science Festival, Science Day / Dag van de Wetenschap, MIAT, Ghent, 27th November 2017.

"Online Rituals & Glorified Gurus: Devotion in Jainism", with Tine Vekemans, Seminar 'Culture in Perspective', Ghent University, 4th March 2015.

"Researching the Digambara Bhaṭṭārakas" Guest Lecture, Vidyabharati College, Karanja, India, 20th January 2015. 

"Critical terms of/for a Critical Thinker (Michel Foucault)", Internal Seminar, Department of Languages & Cultures, Ghent University, 13th November 2014.

"Digambara Jaina manuscripts from the Bhaṭṭārakas’ bhaṇḍāras of Western India", Intensive Course in Indian Manuscriptology, Ghent University, 13-17th October 2014.

"Boeddhisme, boeddhisten, boeddhistisch - Inleiding tot het boeddhisme." [in Dutch] Lecture organised by HuisvandeMens Eeklo & Vrijzinnig Centrum Zomerlicht, Zomergem, 28th March 2014. 

"India, religies & verhalen - Verhalen over karma en hergeboorte uit boeddhisme en jaïnisme." [in Dutch] Lecture series 'India. Een wereld van Verhalen', Ghent University, 13th Nov 2013.



Hindi, BA-level courses, 2012-13, 2016-17.
Bhakti & Ritual, MA-course, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17.
Hindi Literature, BA-course, 2016-17.



Organisation of the 'International Day of Yoga 2015 Ghent'. Practical & theoretical symposium, Sint-Baafsabdij, Ghent, Sunday 21st June 2015.
Freelance interpreter for Hindi (2009-10, occasionally since).
Interpreter & teacher of integration courses for foreigners Hindi/Urdu, cities of Ghent (2010) & Antwerp (2011).
Instructor of Dutch language (NT2) (2011).


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