Marie-Hélène Gorisse

Contact details MHG

Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Ghent University
5th floor, office 150.003
Blandijnberg 2, B-9000 Gent

Research fields

Jainism, Buddhism, South Asian Philosophy,

Epistemology, Theories of argumentation

Comparative Philosophy,

Sanskrit Poetry

FWO Project ‘Shaping the ideal dialogue: Jainism or faith in human epistemic abilities’

An essential step towards fostering inter-religious and inter-doctrinal dialogue is the assessment of methods to evaluate philosophical and religious statements. Jainism developed such methods within the frame of its perspectivist philosophy. This project questions to what extent the methods as proposed in an important, yet understudied philosophical textual tradition, are innovative and how they can have bearing in contemporary debates.

Academic appointments

  • Guest Professor, replacement of Pr. Eva De Clercq during her Sabbatical (2020-21)
  • Post-Doctoral Researcher, Project ‘Shaping the ideal dialogue: Jainism or faith in human epistemic abilities’, FWO Grant (2018-20)
  • Guest Professor on Sanskrit literature, Modern and Classical Indian Philosophy, Methodology of research, Ghent University (2015-8)
  • Senior Teaching Fellow on Modern Indian Philosophy and Jainism, SOAS University of London (2015-7)
  • Gonda Research Fellow on Polemical Litterature in Jainism, IIAS, Leiden (2016)
  • Post-Doctoral Researcher, Project ‘Jain Theories of Inference in the Light of Modern Logics’, BOF Grant UGent (2012-5)
  • Contractual Lecturer in Indian philosophy, University of Lille2 (2011-present time)
  • Doctoral dissertation under the supervision of Prof. S.Rahman, Research Group `Savoir, Textes, Langages', Project `The art of non-one-sidedness: Dialogical study of Jain pluralism in the Prameyakamalamārtaṇḍa', Grant in Lille3 University from the French Ministry of Education (2006-11)
  • Teaching Fellow, Departments of Philosophy and Classical languages and cultures, Lille3 University, in Sanskrit, classical Indian philosophy, logic, Western philosophy of sciences (2006-11)
  • Spoken Sanskrit Summer School with Prof. G.Mishra, Paris3 University (June 2011)
  • Spoken Sanskrit Summer School with Prof. S.Das, Heidelberg University (August 2010)
  • Master degree in Philosophy of logic and sciences, with Prof. S.Rahman and Dr. J.Törzsök, Lille3 University, 'The art of non-asserting: Dialogical study of Nāgārjuna's Vigrahavyāvartanī' (2001-6)
  • University Diplomas in Sanskrit and in Modern Greek, Lille3 University (2001-4)


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Organisation of events:

  • March - June 2020 Co-organiser with E.De Clercq and K.S.Boutilhette of the 'Religious Traditions of India' Lectures Series, Ghent University [Postponed]
  • 21 December 2018 Co-organiser with E.De Clercq of the 'Belgium Indology Day in honor of Adriaan Scharpé', Ghent University
  • March - June 2018 Co-organiser with E.De Clercq of the 'Religious Traditions of India' Lectures Series, Ghent University
  • 7 December 2017 Co-organiser with A.Castaing and C.LeBlanc of the 'Imaginary homelands. Littératures d'Asie du Sud en diaspora', Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Indian Literature project, funded by an Idex (initiatives of excellence) grant from the Sorbonne Paris-Cité University, EHESS, Paris
  • September 2017 Co-organiser with S.Hens, H. De Jonckheere, A.Rostalska of the 'International Indology Graduate Research Symposium' on Jainism in the diversity of Indian traditions, Ghent University
  • December 2013 Co-organizer of the Conference 'Network and Identity: Exchange relations between China and the World', Ghent University
  • March 2013 Co-organizer of the 15th Workshop of the `Center of Jaina Studies’, on Jaina Logic, University of London
  • June-November 2012 International seminar ‘Debate, Argumentation and Theory of Knowledge in Classical India : The Import of Jainism’, co-organized with P.Flügel (London) and S.Rahman (Lille), funded by the European Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities within the framework of the project ‘Argumentation, Decision, Action’.
  • May 2010 Franco-Belgian PhD-students conference session `Jeunes Chercheurs dans la Cité', with D.Gut and G.Subbotina. Proceedings published in the electronic revue `Mosaïque'
  • February 2010: Workshop `Dialogues and Games: Historical Roots and Contemporary Models', with A.Popek, S.Uckelman and D.Porello, within the network `Dynamic and dialogical approaches to historical logic' (DDAHL) funded by the `Frans-Nederlandse Academie' (FRNL)
  • 2009-2010 Interdisciplinary and international seminar `Interprétation', with L.Keiff. Proceedings published in the electronic revue `Methodos'
  • 2009-2010 Conferences of A.Chatterjee (U.Jadavpur), P.Haag (EHESS), E.Aussant (CNRS) and N.Sinha Kapur (U.Delhi)
  • 2007-2008 Interdisciplinary and international seminar `Référence', with J.Jacot
  • 2005-2007 Seminar of the working group `Pragmadial', U.Lille


Other Academic Acticities

  • September 2020 Committee member in the PhD defence of Sander Hens ``Shaking Hammīra. Playfulness and Tragedy in a Sanskrit Historical Epic', Ghent University
  • April 2020 (on-line viva) Member of the Reading Committee of the Phd dissertation of Lucas den Boer 'Early Jaina Epistemology. A Study of the Philosophical Chapters of the Tattvārthādhigama', University of Leiden
  • April 2019 Committee member in the PhD defence of Tine Vekemans 'Digital religion in a transational context : Representing and practicing Jainism in diasporic communities', Ghent University
  • October 2017 Presentation of Jain Epistemology in a podcast for the website of Peter Adamson (, recorded in November 2016)
  • August 2017 Was granted the Gyan appreciation fellowship during the Fifth International conference of the Gyan Sagar Science foundation, Muzzafarnagar, 14-15 October
  • 2016 - 2019 Member of the Doctoral Guidance Committee in the Ph.D. cursus of Heleen De Jonckheere, 'Examination of the Religious Other : Jainism advocating itself in the Dharmaparīkṣas', Ghent University
  • 2014 - 2017 Member of the Doctoral Guidance Committee in the Ph.D. curriculum of Agnieszka Rostalska, 'Indian realism from contemporary perspective', Ghent University
  • March 2014 Evaluation report of the Ph.D. thesis 'Mīmāṃsā inspired representation of actions (MIRA)' of S.Bama, Chennai University
  • 19 December 2013 Member of the opposition committee during the Ph.D. defense of Nicolas Clerbout, 'Etude sur quelques sémantiques dialogiques', Leiden University
  • May 2013 Presentation of my work at the French radio 'France Culture Plus' in David Christoeln's programme
  • September 2012 - present time Review of papers (amongst which 'Jaina syādvāda and the logic of existential quantication : a critical study of Pradeep P.Gockhale's interpretation' for Philosophy East and West ; 'In defense of imperative inference' for Journal of Philosophical Logic ; or 'A one-valued logic for non-one-sidedness' for the International Journal of Jaina Studies)


  • Member of the research group SANGH, South Asia Network Ghent, U.Ghent
  • Member of the CoJS, Center of Jaina Studies, SOAS U.London
  • Member of the international research network DDAHL, Dynamic and Dialogical approaches to Historical Logic
  • Associate member of the research group STL, Savoir, Textes, Langages, CNRS/U.Lille3
  • Associate member of the project DELI, Dictionnaire encyclopédique des Littératures de l'Inde, CNRS/U.Paris 3