Jainism at Ghent University

Research-oriented Master's degree in Jain Studies (courses online)

UGent now offers a complete MA research-track focusing on Jainism and its languages. For more information, see this brochure and this page.

Given the research focus of much of the teaching staff, the BA courses too also devote often considerable attention to various aspects of Jainism, from literature and history to philosophy and sociology.

BA-courses "Religious Traditions of India" and "Literary Traditions of India"

These courses taught by Eva De Clercq include several classes on Jainism

Language courses from BA to MA

With BA2, BA3, MA1 and MA2 students, the professors read chosen texts of the South Asian heritage. We especially offer courses of:

. Sanskrit, course including readings of Hemacandra's Yogaśāstra, or the Prameyakamalamārtaṇḍa of Prabhācandra, a 11th cent. Sanskrit text on Jaina philosophy and epistemology, Marie-Hélène Gorisse

. Prakrit, especially Jaina Māhārāṣṭrī Prakrit. Course including readings of the story of Agadadatta from the Śvetāmbara canonical Uttarādhyayana sūtraas well as the Vajjālaggam, an anthology of poems on Jaina teachings (dharma), worldly affairs (artha) and erotics (kāma) written by an unknown Śvetāmbara author (between 750 and 1300 CE), Noor van Brussels

. Apabhraṃśa: an online course with readings of the Paümacariu, with Eva De Clercq

From 12th November to 17th December 2020. Contact us for more information.

Sanskrit Reading Group

A reading group at the department regularly meets to informally read Sanskrit texts together, often on Jainism. For more information, please contact


  Caumukha Maharaj Mandir