Simon Winant

Simon Winant

Research Interests

Sanskrit Epics, Jainism, early Kāvya authors, Historical linguistics


Current Master in Indian Languages & Cultures, Ghent University

  • Dissertation: "Echoes of Vyāsa in the Pāṇḍavacarita of Devaprabhasūri" (2019)

Master Degree in English-German: Linguistics & Literature, KU Leuven

  • Dissertation: "The Jewish Element in George Eliot's Daniel Deronda : a Comparison between British and German Responses" (2014)


De Clercq & Winant. (Forthcoming in 2019) “The Fate of Kīcaka in Two Jain Apabhramsha Mahābhāratas” In: Nell Hawley and Sohini Pillai, eds. Many Mahābhāratas. State University of New York Press