“Introduction to Jainism” video series

Members of the department of Languages and Cultures and the South Asia Network Ghent research group have created a 10-part introductory course to Jainism in Belgium’s three national languages of Dutch, French and German.

The video series was created by Marie-Hélène Gorisse (now at Birmingham University) and edited by Eva De Clercq. The French videos are presented by Prof. Gorisse, the Dutch and German by Leo Van Cleynenbreughel. The production was sponsored by the Jain community of Antwerp, esp. by Gemini Corp., and the series is dedicated to Acharya Mahaprajna.

“Jainisme – een inleiding”

Het Nederlandstalige kanaal vindt u hier.

“Jaïnisme – une introduction”

Vous trouvez la chaîne française ici.

“Jainismus – eine Einführung”

Das Deutsche Kanal finden Sie hier.