Master’s degree in Jain Studies (online or on campus)

UGent offers a complete MA degree (Oriental Languages and Cultures) focusing on Jainism and its languages. For more information, see this brochure.

Given the research focus of our teaching staff, the BA courses too devote often considerable attention to various aspects of Jainism, from literature and history to philosophy and sociology.

BA courses “Religious Traditions of India” and “Society and Current Affairs: India”

These are general BA level courses, that include classes on Jainism.

Languages taught from BA to MA

In the language classes in BA2, BA3, MA1 and MA2, the teachers annually include Jain texts:

Sanskrit, especially at the Master’s level Jain kāvya texts are studied.

Prakrit, especially Jaina Māhārāṣṭrī Prakrit: readings of the story of Agadadatta from the Śvetāmbara canonical Uttarādhyayana sūtra; readings from the 13th c. drama Moharājaparājaya

Apabhraṃśa: readings of the Paümacariu

Hindi: readings from the works of Ācārya Mahāprajñā